Relocation Guidelines

  1. Employees are to take their individual desk-side recycling container and trash can with them to their new building. Make sure they are both empty the day of the move.
  2. The Office of Solid Waste Management & Recycling (OSWM&R) can provide temporary recycling containers to clean out large quantities of old files. Paper must be removed from 3-ring binders before recycling. The binders can then be donated to the Office Supply Exchange (see #10 below).
  3. Leave your large blue rolling recycling containers for mixed office paper, aluminum cans, and/or plastic inside your old building. You will receive new recycling containers at your new location.
  4. The OSWM&R will pick up Confidential/Sensitive materials that need to be shredded. All materials must be boxed, taped shut and clearly marked "Confidential/Sensitive". The following information needs to be included in the request for pick up: name, phone number, building name, room number and exact number of boxes.
  5. You must notify your department's Property Coordinator of any furniture, equipment or computers that you are planning on leaving behind. He or she will then compile a list and submit to Surplus for pick up.
  6. The moving company hired to move your department is responsible for removing all cardboard and packing materials used in the move.
  7. Recycling day on campus is Wednesday. Containers will be taken from their designated location inside the building to a pick up location outside and then returned on the same day.
  8. Mixed Office Paper - Accepted: White and colored office paper, computer paper, manila folders, sticky notes, brochures, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, paperback books, and junk mail. Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed. Not Accepted: Food contaminated paper (i.e. pizza boxes, napkins), facial tissue, or cardboard.
  9. If you have large quantities of hardback books, pamphlets or used telephone books to be recycled you an arrange with the OSWM&R for a pickup. All material must be boxed and clearly marked with the type of material inside. The following information needs to be included in the request for pick up: name, phone number, building name, room number, type of material and number of boxes.
  10. Unwanted, reusable office supplies can be donated to the Office Supply Exchange. Contact the OSWM&R to schedule a pickup.