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About Campus Maps

Infrastructure and Sustainability does not have a formal GIS department, but there are dedicated personnel for curating and creating GIS data relevant to GT. This data is managed by the Technology Services department and assists with mapping and GIS related tasks for all Administration and Finance (A&F) departments.

Area Maintenance Map

The most common map requested by employees is the Area Maintenance Map. This interactive map can be used on this page, or you may download and print a paper copy using one of the following links to PDF versions.

Area Maintenance Map 24x36

If you would like to print out a full-size version of our Area Maintenance Map, download this PDF.

Area Maintenance Map 11x17

Our Area Maintenance Map is available in PDF format as an 11x17 (tabloid) size for easier printing.

In the Spotlight

Emergency Call Box Phone Map

Emergency Call Box Phones

Locate and view any emergency call box phone is on campus.

Outside Lighting Viewer

Outside Lighting

View outside lights on campus by owner.

AED Location Map

AED Location Map

Locate and view the automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on campus.