Georgia Tech's main campus, with 400 acres and more than 15,000 trees, has a team of landscape professionals maintaining its beauty year-round. Tech Lawn and Garden taps into the knowledge of the lawn and garden experts in Landscape Services, showing how they do what they do and sharing tips that you can use at home.

Basic Lawn Care Tips

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires a fair amount of work. But consistently following a few guidelines — for watering, fertilizing, aerating, and mowing — can make the work easier while producing great results.

Landscaping Tips for Beginners

Creating a beautifully landscaped yard can be time-consuming and expensive. Having a plan and avoiding mistakes are the keys to success.

Planting a Vegetable Garden

There are many reasons for growing a vegetable garden. In addition to having fresh vegetables on hand, gardening can help you save money, and you can control the pesticides used. Also, homegrown vegetables just taste better. Here are a few tips to start your garden.

Taking Care of Houseplants

Houseplants can bring the outside in, help purify the air, and add natural beauty to your home — whether it’s a house or a dorm room. Selecting the right plants for the location and learning how to take care of them are two key steps to successfully growing houseplants.